The Cultural Entrepreneurship Institute promotes understanding of the culture we have inherited and apply in our daily lives – humanism based on freedom and tolerance – as a driving factor behind innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit in industry, trade and corporate activity.

We formulate ethical criteria for business, politics and the arts, and devise models for financing cultural work.

We draw our inspiration from the interface between different disciplines and sectors, so that existing concepts can be combined to generate outstanding news ideas (Medici effect). Our purpose is to consider ethics as an inexhaustible resource and tap it to the full, thereby guaranteeing certain and lasting returns for the world and the environment down the generations.

These ideas can only be implemented properly and sustainably if students and trainees and any interested member of the public can find out more for themselves.

To this end, we hold international conferences in the Audimax of the Freie Universität in Berlin, bringing together eminent academics, exemplary entrepreneurs and committed men and women from all disciplines and sectors. Follow on our YouTube-Channel ceberlin the recorded contributions of the people who are already working towards the good life, some of them under quite adventurous conditions, and most of them turning over a profit, too.

Current Projects

  • Global Observatory for Green Solutions (GOGS)
  • Real Estate & Cultural Heritage
  • Marry Green
  • Humanism TV
  • City Lounge