Cultural Heritage

When we think of World Heritage and Cultural Heritage, we tend to think of UNESCO and the sites it promotes across the world. Usually these sites are especially important because of a landscape, a history, an aesthetic quality or some other prominent aspect. Being on the UNESCO list means preservation, visibility, visitors, financial security.

But are people only impressed by beautiful, imposing, opulent, luxurious buildings, monuments and landscapes?

In fact, what makes a place great are the emotions it arouses in people who have a connection with it. Research shows that emotionally charged events make stronger memories (and we usually remember pleasant emotions better than unpleasant ones).

There is a whole spectrum of buildings around the world that are worth preserving – from the small flat to the historical villa full of furniture, books and decoration redolent of the emotions of many generations. And for generations these buildings foster an intimate bond with the earth, the climate and the deep-rooted traditions of their surroundings.

Even if we own these places, we should remember that we only have them for a short while. The building lasts much longer than we do, and other generations will benefit if we care for them.

That’s why we want to launch this platform for people buying or selling a house worth preserving and to encourage people who might be thinking about it.

We want to inspire a community of people who don’t just see real estate as an investment with a financial return, but who are focused on conserving the building or landscape for coming generations, also reaping an environmental and cultural return.

This portal is for people in search of a home worthy of preservation or of a new owner who will appreciate the property – because of its architectural or historical interest, its emotional value or a landscape that deserves respect.

Human attitudes to buildings and landscapes shape the wider environment in physical, economic, social and cultural terms.

We also want to motivate landlords who invest in multi-tenant properties, usually in urban settings, to consider the historical and aesthetical value of the accommodation and explore ways to conserve significant features, such as windows, doors, handles and stairs. It may cost more money, but it will enhance the tenant’s quality of life, respect the urban environment and preserve historical value for the next generation. These are things that money cannot buy.

We invite anyone looking to buy or sell a property worth preserving – be it a rural mansion or a downtown apartment – to advertise on this portal.

The first property we are delighted and honoured to present is the Maiuri Villa on Capri. Amedeo Maiuri was the director of the archaeological site in Pompeii who pioneered the approach of keeping finds in situ.