Selected companies support the Cultural Entrepreneurship Institute.

Our partners are companies from all sectors who are helping to build a better world with an ethical, innovative business idea or product. Our motto is “Do good and talk about it”, and this is your opportunity to present your company on camera, to inform others about your work and to inspire our community. 

Combining ideas from different fields is the best basis for generating successful innovation. Ethics and business are no exception. To spread the word, it is important that students, trainees and any interested member of the public, whatever their trade or discipline, have free access to information about ethical issues and entrepreneurship. Our corporate partners enable us to cover the considerable costs of producing our videos. That is because they see it as their social responsibility to offer practical examples of integrating the ethical dimension from the outset when starting up a new company. 

In this spirit, you too can support these activities with a contribution of € 5,000 (+ VAT). You will be helping to reshape our global market-place in a manner that is both ethically effective and economically meaningful.