City Lounge

City trips across the world are very popular, as they offer a chance to travel and experience personally historical places where people have lived and left behind so many traces of life through the centuries; most big cities also boast a wide selection of goods, attracting many visitors to go on extended shopping excursions; and then there are other places to visit, like museums, galleries, restaurants, pubs, discotheques, concert halls, theatres, clubs, etc.

There is so much to see, to do, to walk and to carry, sooner or later everyone feels so tired and yearns for rest. Sometimes the hotel is around the corner, sometimes at the other end of the town.

So then you can sit in a café and have something to drink or eat; you can start arguing with your spouse; you can scream at your children or you can bite your tongue but the mood is flat.

How about a space where you – tourists, visitors, shoppers, businessmen and women – can relax for an hour or two, enjoy a little rest from the urban streets and lie down quietly with your feet up.

This space is what we are planning – the City Lounge.

A space in the very centre of big cities where people can rest for a couple of hours without pressure to consume.

The space offers a variety of possibilities:
– a quiet space with lounger (daybed, dormouse) and dimmed light in the city centre
– an area for children
– an area with free wifi
– a premium space for businessmen and women (like an airport lounge with buffet and drinks)